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Tantra By Jax


A Therapeutic Energy Healing Experience in Las Vegas. Receive conscientious energy work, expanding your awareness of your body.

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What Others Are Saying About Tantra By Jax Bodywork

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Tantra By Jax Bodywork In Room Massage

Elements of Tantra By Jax Bodywork

Western Tantra

A spiritual and non-religious focus on a westernized adoption of tantra that’s been practiced for thousands of years in the East, adopted in the West for only a few decades.


A healing modality that focuses on energy points in the body along with breathing, developed for thousands of years in India.

Reiki Energy

Practiced in Tibet for 2,500 years under a confined temple until it was released by a Japanese monk. This artform seems to generate physical and emotional healing on its receivers.

Sensual Bodywork

Combining slow, sensual strokes along with all the other modalities in Tantra By Jax forms the ultimate relaxation.

Jax Solomon at Nobu hotel
Jax Solomon at Nobu hotel


Tantra is a spiritual path based on the mystical experience of empirical life, rather than on rigid dogmas. Tantra in its essence is about liberating the body, opening up our energies to heal ourselves, and becoming whole as beings.

In Tantra, the distinction between the complex and the mundane ceases. All becomes sacred especially the act of love . Love expands into an act of worship, appreciation and devotion. Tantra teaches you to awaken to the divinity within you. The Tantric practitioners uses the senses, the mind, and the consciousness to reach the peaks of ecstatic happiness and fulfillment.

In Tantra, Man and Woman are seen as expressions of the energies of the universe; as the masculine and feminine energy and how they show up in your life. Balanced union between the two opposite poles – (feminine which is yin and masculine which is yang) leads to your liberation and enlightenment.

We remove the chasm between Man and Woman and become aware of the infinite possibilities and power that the union brings.

Tantra helps you disintegrate from the stresses and anxiety of the world outside of you to be able to improve your existence. This awareness brings you peace with yourself and appreciating the most mundane activities in life. It divinifies the key experience of sensuality to become deeper, longer, and with more intensity. It’s a spiritual path that integrates your erotic act as sacred, bringing you closer to the universe.

*I do not follow any specific religious pursuit but rather spiritual energies that reside in all of us, at all times.

Google Reviews For Tantra By Jax Bodywork

Amy Johnston
Amy Johnston
August 26, 2022.
My first massage ever and Jax made me feel very comfortable. Was very relaxing. Loved loved loved it!!
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Cassieardolla Story
Cassieardolla Story
August 25, 2022.
I was in an vehicle accident about a year ago, I still feel the effects of that accident. Combined with me not getting any younger I body starts to hurt. The pain gets to a point where it starts to drain me that’s when I give in and get a massage. I was at my breaking point with the pain that’s when I found Jax! He was professional and did an amazing work on my body! My kids even made a comment about my happy demeanor. I would recommend Jax and will definitely will be back.
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Aubrey Haze
Aubrey Haze
August 17, 2022.
I received a massage from Jax for the celebration of my birthday and I now visit him monthly. His massage is absolutely blissful! He really knows what he's doing and has exceptional technique that relaxed my entire body. He paid attention to my tightest areas as requested and even found some areas I didn't know were so in need! He made me completely comfortable with professionalism from beginning to end. His space was immaculate and well-equipped. A visit with Jax is the BEST way to pamper yourself or a friend for any occasion!
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leidy gomez
leidy gomez
August 4, 2022.
Absolutely amazing experience! He made me feel so comfortable and he's a master of the craft, highly recommend you treat yourself. Loved it
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Choose Your Modality

Cassie review tantra by jax bodywork

Reiki energy work

Jax gives you slow relaxing strokes working every part of your body with Reiki and Tantra energy-work with conscious touch. A wondrously relaxing session that optimizes your energy flow, deeply cleansing energy channels in your body. A completely relaxing experience as Jax employs slow and purposeful strokes.

Receiving a tantra by jax bodywork massage

Tantra energy work

Jax employs ultra relaxing and long, soft strokes. Enjoy Jax’s healing hands as you’re also learning more of the tantric energies in your body. Your body will learn Jax’s secrets in prolonging the deep states of inner peace and bliss to help you reach higher states of awareness. Access your vital powers and energies in your heart center channels to completely energize you. 

***Please keep in mind that the suggested tribute amount varies depending on season, demand and timing. 

Woman lying on massage table at spa

Tantra massage

Jax provides a session beginning with bodywork and tantra techniques. You move into an oiled glide which aligns the Chakras (energy centers) between you, creating long-lasting positive energy. Jax uses the techniques to relax and stimulate multiple energy centers at once. 

***The suggested amount varies depending on demand, season and timing. 

tantra by jax massage bodywork four hands


When receiving two tantra practitioners work on your body, your mind reacts differently. Since the mind can’t follow the movements, you go into a sublime subconscious states of completely letting go and becoming lost in the wonderful and erotic experience. Jax and Aubrey take you into a blissful experience of a lifetime.


Couples Tantra

This experience begins with a lovely meditation followed by bodywork and tantra teachings. You’ll then receive an oiled massage which aligns the chakras (energy centers) creating positive energy in your body. Establishing a powerful connection, the therapists use the glides to relax and stimulate your multiple energy points. 

Woman lying on massage table at spa

Tantra By Jax Bodywork will show you key elements of tantra bodywork that will positively change your life forever: including training to connect with your higher self and to be a better lover in many different ways.

Tantra By Jax Bodywork sessions are a great way to learn things about your body – inside and out – physically, mentally, spiritually.

Our sessions can assist with the releasing of deep trauma, physical and mental pain, but will also serve as a powerful relief to life’s every day stress.

Clients say they feel ‘lighter’ and ‘brighter’ after a session; there are many long-lasting effects that will have you feeling ready to take on life as your best self.

Our sessions will help empower you and build a sort of confidence you have never felt before. When working with Jax – you are learning several of these secrets and techniques while receiving Tantra By Jax.

We want to share the love and light with you! Tantra By Jax sessions are very special, and unique but also VERY professional – clients book weeks, months, even a year in advance; it is at my discretion to secure a deposit fee which will hold your session day/time and be applied to your session rate, as well as charge a cancellation fee (no less than $50 per client).

I come to your hotel room for a travel fee. In some circumstances, I’ll come to your residence-if you’re a verified client. I do have a screening process (form) for all newcomers to Tantra By Jax Bodywork.


OR TEXT 702-623-9953

More Reviews

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“The experience was relaxing and peaceful. An hour of total stillness with breathing exercises. Recommend for women who needs a moment of a judgement free, peaceful and relaxing healing experience.”
-H., August 1, 2022

“I had so much fun. This was my first time getting the tantra bodywork. Jax was just awesome. I didn’t want the hour to be over. Total relaxation. #heavenly, #loved it. I am already looking forward to my next one.”
– RA, June 17, 2022

“We had an amazing experience with Jax and Aubrey for a couples tantric bodywork. First, my wife had a Four Hands by both Jax and Aubrey and WOW. She experienced another level of sensory touch that she is still talking about. They were both amazing and highly recommend!!”
– Omar, June 4, 2022

“My husband and I were looking for a masseur who was knowledgeable in different forms of massage and Jax delivered. He was able to offer different modalities that were relaxing for me as well as pinpointing specific areas of my body that needed more attention. He was very conscientious of my needs and very encouraging in the way he approached me in order to make me feel comfortable and in the moment. He was very professional while making sure I received the type of touch that was best for me. I would recommend him highly for anyone wanting the absolute best experience available for bodywork in Las Vegas!
– Keely, April 7, 2022


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Contact Form from MassagebyJax

Tantra By Jax is in no way a prostitute or escort. Don’t request such sexual services.

The Tantra By Jax Tantra sessions offered are extremely relaxing, but not acts that violate the laws of Nevada.

Jax is not a licensed massage therapist and as such do NOT offer Therapeutic Massage  – Tantra Bodywork is for relaxation purposes only. The bodywork remains within the confines of Tantra By Jax and Reiki.

Any session involving direct one on one Tantra training or couples training, either for personal or professional use of the training – any donations or fees contributed are for the TIME of the therapist, for spiritual counseling, and for training in Tantra By Jax. Any involvement beyond the time and training is not included as part of any money exchanged.